Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) provides the following services in conjunction with the interim containment system:

MWCC's services in the event of an incident:

  • In the event of an incident, MWCC supports the Responsible Party (RP) under the well-established Incident Command System. Mobilization of the system would begin upon activation of the MWCC team under the direction of the RP and Unified Command (UC).
  • Before equipment from MWCC's system can be deployed, the RP has to conduct an initial site assessment during which the site is cleared of debris (as possible) that may hinder the safe arrival of the response personnel and equipment.
  • Once the RP and MWCC determine the specific equipment and configuration needed at the well incident site, MWCC's system will be mobilized from MWCC's two shore bases.
  • MWCC will plan for and supervise the mobilization, installation and operation of its equipment on behalf of the RP.
  • The RP will be responsible for debris removal and relief well drilling. The RP will also responsible for securing marine capture vessels, shuttle tankers and surface cleanup, as well as the interim collection.

MWCC's ongoing services:

  • MWCC supports well permitting by providing system documentation that companies can utilize to develop their permit submission to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), including generic procedures for containment preparation. Member or non-member companies will address well-specific requirements (debris removal, wellbore calculations and emergency response structure for a potential well control incident).
  • MWCC maintains equipment in a response-ready state; develops and maintains generic installation and operations procedures; and maintains dispersant stockpile and contracts to be continuously ready to respond. Member companies participate in regular MWCC trainings and drills to ensure they are ready to respond. MWCC will work closely with members and non-members in the event of an incident.
  • As follow-up to any incident, MWCC captures lessons learned and oversees refurbishment and return of MWCC equipment to storage locations.

In the event of an incident, the following roles and responsibilities will apply:

Marine Well Containment Company
Equipment pre-deployment testing
Reservist Response Team deployment
Equipment mobilization to quayside
MCV equipment integration, including MCV outfitting, commissioning, hook-up and operation
Equipment transportation to incident site and subsea installation
Incident site operation of Containment System
Equipment recovery and refurbishment
Covered Entity (Responsible Party)
Delivery of key wellhead operating parameters
Incident site debris removal
Secure and manage drill ship interim collection installation, operation and recovery
Secure vessels necessary for deployment, installation and operation of Containment System equipment
Soft shut-in process design
MCV lightering: secure of offloading resources and disposal execution
Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) planning management